Project Reveil

Curent version number: 5.0 Beta

What is Project Reveil?

Project Reveil Started out as a TC project but, later
turned into more of a weapon mod, the assets from the old TC project are still availible for download on the downloads page. The reveil weapons are a insanely satisfying remake of the original doom weapons, these weapons function just like their original versions only they are alot more enjoyable to use.

v5.0 - Youtube Video: (Project may have changed since this video. )

v4.5 - Youtube Video: (Outdated)

v2.52 - Youtube Video: (Outdated)

v2.0 - Youtube Video: (Outdated)

v1.61 - Youtube Video: (Outdated)

Youtube Video: (Outdated)

What programs are being used?

The programs being used for this project are

Slade3 - Used for WAD/Pk3 Editing and play testing
GZDoom Builder - Used for Level Editing/Creation and play testing