Project Reveil

Curent version number: 5.0 Beta

Reveil Changelog

Reveil Bundle v5.0 Smoothened Weapon animations. Changed PlasmaGun Sprite. Beefed up Chaingun feel. Changed both shotguns feel and sounds. Added some new enemies. Messed with bullet travel speed. Added homming rockets!

Reveil Bundle v4.9 Smoothened Weapon animation. Add hit sound effects. Fixed BlueBlood system. Changed weapon feel, shotgun, chaingun, plasmagun. Added HD enemy sounds. Added custom mainmenu logo. Added more gameplay options, smoothpitch and accurate headshots.

Reveil Bundle v4.62 Changed some gore sprites. Changed gore spawning system. Added a flashlight. Added optional double jump. Fixed missing frame in shotgun animation.

Reveil Bundle v4.5 Barrel effects changed slightly. FireHolder corpses now "gib-able". FireHolder headshot sprite changed. Shotgun, chaingun and rocket recoil effects changed. Added HD Fire sounds.

Reveil Bundle v4.4 Gore changes. Weapon smoothing. Shotgun feel changes. Added Enhanced enemy options.

Reveil Bundle v4.3 Bug fixes. Weapon smoothing. Barrel animations fixed.

Reveil Bundle v4.2 Added new GL effects for every projectile! Added more feel to the kick, added swing sound Added better looking liquids!

Reveil Bundle v4.0 Added more GL effects Changed gore system a little (less mist) Added chainsaw death to bullmech

Reveil Bundle v3.8 Weapon feel changes Weapon fire sprite changes Removed weapon sway, trying to make it an addon.

Reveil Bundle v3.7 Weapon feel changes Fixed headshot for Knight Monster death changes

Reveil Bundle v3.5 Added headshot for baron Changed look of knight added headshot Changed rifle feel Make fire holder shootable in headshot state

Reveil Bundle v3 Added new deaths for caco! Added chaingun damage type Changed chaingun feel

Reveil Bundle v2.95 Added new enemy deaths! Added sprites to bullmech fatality Rose supershotgun single shot damage

Reveil Bundle v2.9 Tweaked headshot position Fixed chaingun alt-fire without ammo bug Rasied modern mode shotgun damage Lowered lost moron health

Reveil Bundle v2.86 Fixed ParticalCannon damage Added headshot mechanic for fire monsters Change SSG single fire sound Change shotgun fire sounds

Reveil Bundle and Alpha Weapons v2.84 Removed screen shake on BFG charge and added zoom affect Lowered volume on chainsaw wall hit sound Changed supershotgun double barrel feel Fixed no ammo used on altfire bug When SSG primary is triggered when 1 bullet loaded, fires that bullet

Reveil Bundle and Alpha Weapons v2.8 Added a new pinky to Reveil bundle Fixed reveil option menu typos Changed shotgun and supershotgun feel Added more options for customizable recoil

Reveil Bundle and Alpha Weapons v2.7 Added more recoil options Changed look of reveil options menu Rasied rocket launcher fire shake amount

Reveil Bundle and Alpha Weapons v2.67 Changed explosion animations for rockets, barrels Changed plasma ball sprite

Reveil bundle v2.65 Made enemies Gib easier

Alpha Weapons v2.64 Fixed script error in bundled version Buffed chaingun damage

Alpha Weapons v2.62 Added motion sickness option

Alpha Weapons v2.6 Increased assaultrifle firerate Fixed chaingun spread Added weapon tip system Added Stable fire mode for chaingun Made hammer fire more affective Sound fixes Changed shotgun sound Changed chainsaw sounds Fixed and changed plasmagun recoil raise Turned down Partical Cannon sounds Fixed weapon sway on chainsaw Removed gore sound affect from chainsaw Still working on fixing the sound fade on plasmarifle (should be fixed soon, hopefully :/ )

Alpha Weapons v2.52 Sound fixes on chaingun and ParticalCannon. Changed ParticalCannon projectile to look bigger and better.

Alpha Weapons v2.5 Increased weapon sway amount. Speedup shotgun pump animation slightly. Added more spread for chaingun. Added smoke to plasmarifle. Increase plasmarifle recoil animation. Added hammer fire to revolver (altfire). Changed name of Reveil Classic to Reveil Oldschool.

Alpha Weapons v2.41 Added optional weapon sway.

Alpha Weapons v2.4 Assault rifle now its own weapon availible only on modern mode. Chainrifle now replaces the chaingun. Smoothened out the pistol animations. Added ammo pickup amount for all pickupable weapons. Removed option for chaingun skin because chaingun is now its own weapon.

Website update Flipped changelog for more efficient viewing.

Alpha Weapons Bug fixes v2.2 Assault rifle can now be picked up for ammo. ParticalCannon sounds have been turned down.

Alpha Weapons v2.2 Lowered rocket shake. Changed Chaingun sound. Lowered partical cannon sounds. Speedup SuperShotgun reload times. Added brutal doom compatibility.

Alpha Weapons v2.1 Changed Rocket launcher completely. Changed Assualt rifle sound. Changed partical cannon sounds, to make it feel EPIC. Reduced chaingun skin recoil.

Alpha Weapons v2.0 Changed SSG feel. Changed Assualt rifle to be gold plated. Messed with enviorment shake. Changed uncentered plasma gun to centered one. Messed with plasmagun feel.

Alpha Weapons Complete overhall of weapon feel. Added option for recoil settings. Added option for chaingun instead of rifle. Now has zandronum dev support (no QuakeEx).

Version 1.6 Messed with weapon feel again. Fixed bug where SSG doesnt drop Shells. Revamped AlienKetchup. Changed Blood color of OrbMonster (Caco). Added support for Blue blood to AlienKetchup.

Version 1.5 Adjusted weapon feel on shotgun and rifle. Changed shotgun and rifle fire sounds. (AGAIN xD) Added SawedOff(SuperShotgun). Added ParticalCannon(BFG9000). Changed BFG Projectile color from Blue to Green.

Version 1.2 Adjusted weapon feel on shotgun. Changed shotgun and rifle fire sounds. Added Ripsaw(Chainsaw). Added IronFists(Fist).

Version 1.0 Adjusted weapon feel to make the weapons feel more "Alive" Replaces more Hacx enemies with new sprites.

Version 0.8 Coded reaplace weapons, Rocketeer(Rocketlauncher), PlasmaShot(PlasmaRifle). Replaced Hacx enemies with sprites from Realm667.

Version 0.5 Coded replace weapons, SShotgun(Shotgun), Colt45(Pistol), UACRifle(Chaingun).

Version 0.1 Replaced FreeDM enemies with Hacx enemies. Nerfed ketchup gore to support green blood. Started work on weapon revamp.