Project Reveil

Curent version number: 5.0 Beta


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Project Reveil - Weapons.
Updated to version 4.9!
For the GZDoom port (No longer works with zandronum 3.0, due to spritename issues)
Downloads from so no more popups!

Project Reveil - Bundle. (GZDoom)
(No longer works with zandronum 3.0, due to spritename issues).
Comes bundled with reveil monsters and ketchup v5 (green)!

Project Reveil - Ultimate.
Comes with ideal version of gzdoom to run reveil with (2.2.0) and Reveil 5.0. Its also comes configurated at 1920x1080, WASD controls, color adjusted, texture scale filter and the jenesis level pack!

If this is not updated with the ReveilBundle, you can manually do it by downloading the bundle and draging it into the Game directory, then press "Replace file in destination"

P.S if the sounds are too loud, its most likely on your end!

Thank you for downloading!

Very old TC project downloads

Downloads for the very first start of Project Reveil, includes Modified freedoom,
special HUD (Not availible for zandronum), a custom gore mod, and a VERY old version of reveil weapons.

Project Reveil - GZDoom
For the GZDoom port.
Project Reveil - Zandronum
For the Zandronum port.
Project Reveil - Skulltag
For the Skulltag port (Version 1.6 is not yet available for Skulltag) .
Project Reveil - Updater
An automatic updater - (WIP uncompleted).

Thank you for downloading!